Publications, Presentations, Awards


(with Benjamin Colbert, Francis Wilson, Hilary Weeks, Candi Miller & Jackie Pieterick)  Online Discussion in English Studies: A Good Practice Guide to Design, Moderation and Assessment (HEA English Subject Centre Report Series, No. 21, 2010).  ISBN: 978-1-905846-40-5.

(with Benjamin Colbert, Francis Wilson and Hilary Weeks)  ‘Designing and Assessing Online Learning in English Literary Studies’, Arts and Humanities in Higher Education, 6:1 (2007), 74-89.

Text. Play. Space: Creative Online Activities in English Studies’, English Subject Centre: Case Studies (October 2007).

‘Teaching William Morris Online’, Journal of William Morris Studies, 17:2 (Summer 2007), 54-72.

‘Research, Reflection and Response: Creating and Assessing Online Discussion Forums in English Studies’. English Subject Centre Newsletter, 12 (April 2007), 32-35.

(with Benjamin Colbert and Francis Wilson)  ‘Critical Questions for WOLF: An Evaluation of the Use of a VLE in the Teaching and Assessment of English Studies’, in Learning and Teaching Projects 2004-05, ed. by Chris Hockings (Wolverhampton: University of Wolverhampton, 2005), 9-18.


‘Creative Online Activities in English Literary Studies’.  Renewals: Refiguring University English in the 21st Century, Royal Holloway, University of London, 5-7 July 2007.

‘Some Issues in Assessing Online Discussion Forums in English Studies’.  Creating and Assessing Discussion Forums in English Studies, joint day conference between the English Subject Centre and the University of Wolverhampton, 25 May 2006.  Also part of the organising team for this conference.

‘Everyone Loves My Online Module (Come on in and Join the Multi-Dimensional Hypertext Line Dance!)’.  Interfaces: English and IT, University of Newcastle, 3-4 November 2006.


2011: National Teaching Fellowship.

2010-11:  E-Learning Consultant for the English Subject Centre.  £2000 award.

2009-10:  E-learning Consultant for the English Subject Centre.  £2000 award.

2007-08:  E-Learning Consultant to the current batch of E-Learning Advocates in the second year of the English Subject Centre’s E-Learning Advocates Project. £2000 award.

2006-07:  One of six national E-Learning Advocates as part of the English Subject Centre’s E-Learning Advocates Project.  £8000 award.

2006:  E-Tutor of the Year Award.  University of Wolverhampton School of Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences.  Part of the University’s ‘Rewarding Excellence’ scheme. £600 award.

2005: (with Benjamin Colbert and Francis Wilson) English Subject Centre Project: ‘Creating and Assessing Discussion Forums in English Studies’. £6000 award.

2004-07:  Proposer of three annual bids supported by the University of Wolverhampton’s Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching:  ‘Critical Questions for WOLF: Designing and Assessing VLE Activities in English Literary Studies’, ‘The Pedagogic Value of VLE Activities in English Studies’ and ’Embedding E-Learning in English Studies’.  All projects carried out with Benjamin Colbert and Francis Wilson.  £7000 total awards.

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