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This blog started in 2009 about an academic year in the life of me, Rosie Miles, who teaches English at the University of Wolverhampton in the UK.  The aim is to give a ‘hands on’ account of being an e-tutor on the courses I teach that have an integrated online component, using our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) WOLF (the Wolverhampton Online Learning Framework).
Rosie Miles

The modules which I have used to develop online activities both concern the Victorians: one is a module on the ‘high’ Victorian period, and the other on the Fin de Siècle.  My blog aims to describe the various activities and other related issues about being an -e-tutor.  I sometimes also stray off topic into other poetry and literature interests.

In 2011 I was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship, in part for the online work I have done in English Studies.  I was also an E-Learning Consultant for the HEA English Subject Centre for several years until its closure in July 2011 and visited HE English Departments around the UK demoing some of the activities I describe in my blog.  If you are in an HE English Department and would like to see more of what I describe here then please invite me.  R.Miles@wlv.ac.uk

3 thoughts on “About Ms E-Mentor

  1. Hi Rosie

    As an ex-Wolverhampton boy I’m delighted that your are doing such innovative things in my home town.

    I’m involved in a number of projects with schools from all keystages on using creative learning and modern technologies to engage students and staff in learning. The next time I’m in Wolves could we meet for a chat?

    Best wishes


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