We Love Gladstone’s Library (Part Three)

I’m here again.  In fact I’m soon going home, having been here all week.  Since I was last here, a few weeks ago, several things have happened.  The first is the installation in the chapel of textile artist Wendy Rudd’s Windsails.  These are very lovely and totally transform the space.  I think they will be there until sometime in October.

The second, slightly more traumatic happening, is the loss of Sweet Memories of Hawarden from the High Street.  Over the summer I’ve been getting by on weekly fixes of spearmint pips, blackcurrant bonbons and chewing nuts from this wonderfully old-fashioned little sweetshop, which is a veritable treasure trove of tempting things that are bad for your teeth and waistline.  But I ventured out this week in search of 100g of something to rustle in a small white paper bag, and it had gone.  Not far, it must be admitted (to an outlet in the local Garden Centre complex), but lost to the High Street.Sweet Memories of Hawarden  I had to make do with a bag of toffees from the Post Office, but it wasn’t the same.

Thirdly, the Scrabble Cushions (distinct objects of desire) that make up the name of the ‘Food for Thought’ daytime café are starting to be interfered with.  Earlier this week they turned into ‘Doff Rough Tooth’.  I spent an hour when I should have been giving yet more attention to Elizabeth Barrett Browning working out quite a few more anagrams.  Currently displayed is ‘God Of Hoof Truth’.

Last time I was here I actually ordered and had delivered a new digital camera (not having one of my own) precisely because I wanted to be able to take some photos both of Gladstone’s Library, and of the stunning Edward Burne-Jones stained glass in St. Deiniol’s Church next door.  The Nativity window, apparently EBJ’s last work before he died, is wonderful.  The church needs to have some good-quality photos taken of the windows, I think, as they would make terrific cards that visitors would want to buy.  I’m rather pleased with my photos here:

Detail of EBJ Nativity WindowEBJ Nativity WindowThree Kings EBJ Nativity Window


4 thoughts on “We Love Gladstone’s Library (Part Three)

  1. Dear Ms-E Mentor
    So sorry to hear about your distress in the relocation of your beloved “Sweet Memories” Sweetshop. We decided that a relocation would be so much better for the majority of our customers as parking had become such a nightmare in the village, we have vastly extended our range of products and happily welcomed lots of regulars and a whole new following of wonderful customers down at Daleside Garden Centre. Its such a friendly place with a wonderful coffee shop located next door to our shop literally only a ten minute walk down from St Deniols and a fifteen minute walk back up the hill to work off those sweetie treats. We look forward to welcoming you to our new shop on your next trip to St Dens xx

    • Dear Trasy,
      Apologies for not acknowledging your comment sooner. Hope the sweetshop is doing well round the corner. I am actually writing this from Gladstone’s Library again (it’s fast becoming my second home) but I am yet to venture out your way for sweet rations. Next time…
      Best wishes,

  2. It’s a Canon Powershot SX30 IS, which is an SLR with an integrated zoom lens. I actually most like photographing natural things, close up, for which you really need an SLR with (more) powerful zoom. I don’t really have much of an idea what I’m doing photography wise but I enjoy it! In respect of the Burne-Jones windows images the church was quite dark, and this camera has a powerful integrated flash, which clearly aided the quality.

  3. Hi Rosie,
    Those pictures are fantastic. The colours are lovely and bright..what type of camera is it? You are a natural photographer!
    All the best

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