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There was a vaguely ‘e-’ related follow up to my previous post about Extreme Flower Arranging … namely that the day after I was fit for nothing but watching the DVD of Julie and Julia (2009; dir. Nora Ephron), which is an enjoyable but romanticized version of the true stury of a young woman called Julia Powell who comes across Julia Child’s cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking (1961), which introduced French cooking to a wide American audience.  Powell decides to work her way through Child’s book, making all the recipes one by one, and then blogging about doing so.  And this was before blogging really took off (it took place circa 2002 I think).  The film intercuts the developing lives of the two women — Julia Child as she moves from country to country as an attaché’s wife, but becomes ever more full of belief in the delights of French cooking, and Julie Powell as she finds meaning in life beyond her dead-end New York office job and discovers the joys of food and finds a voice through blogging.  Julie Powell’s original blog got noticed by publishers and was published as Julie and Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously (2006).  I looked up Ms Powell to see if she was still blogging … what I found wasn’t terribly interesting, to be honest, and rather confirmed to me the schmaltzy hollywood makover that the actual, real-life stories had no doubt been given, but the film offers a stonkingly entertaining performance by the incomparable Ms Streep (who towers over everyone in the film as Julia Child was apparently vey tall), and a lite reflection on the potential power of blogging to give people (women?) a voice.

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